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Shadow Hills Men’s Golf Club


The SHMGC provides members with the opportunity, if they wish, to purchase hole-in-one insurance (H.I.O) at a cost of $5.00. There is no contribution or subsidy from the Men’s Club to this insurance fund.

Whenever a member scores a hole-in-one he will receive the total money paid into the insurance fund, but only if he has contributed his $5.00 to the fund. It is expected that the member having the hole-in-one will buy members playing on that day a beverage of their choice. The balance remaining will be retained by the lucky/skillful member who scored the hole-in-one. If there should be two or more holes-in-one on the same day then the total amount in the insurance fund will be divided equally after deducting for drinks purchased.

Following a hole-in-one, the members will again be requested, if they wish, to purchase the hole-in-one insurance to create a new fund. The cost will again be $5.00.

During a specific year, there will be two separate funds.  A fund, along with appropriate contributions to the fund, will be established for the Winter Season (November thru April), and a second fund will be established for the Summer Season (May thru October).  At the end of the specific Season, any money in the fund will be carried over to the subsequent year.

The hole in one insurance covers officially sanctioned Men’s Club events which are all Thursday Men’s day events as well the Member/Member and both days of the Club Championship.  Additionally, the insurance applies to the Al Hodgkins Cup Playoff and the CAN/AM event.

However, the insurance does not apply to certain special events such as Individual Match Play, Two Man Team Match Play, Member/Guest, Golf League and Interclub Team play. Also, the insurance is not applicable to Monday events which have a limited field, and it does not apply for play on the North Course.